Tuesday, 29 November 2011

101 Portrait photography tips.

These tips will help improve your portrait photography.
The ImprovePhotography site asked their readers to send in their tips, and the combined this to make this all inclusive list of portrait photography tips.

A few to get you started:
1.  Photograph the subject in their native environment.
2.  Never shoot kids or babies from your normal standing height. 
3.  Consider giving the subject space to look into.
4.  Window light.
5.  NEVER use the on-camera flash.
6.  I know you want pictures of the face, but you might also consider going smaller.
7.  Over expose.
8.  Do something totally off-the-wall.
9.  Stop the waving and smiling.
10.  Shoot up to give power; Shoot down to take power away

Read the full list at ImprovePhotography.

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