Tuesday, 04 October 2011

Messerli Car Graveyard

I had heard of the Messerli car graveyard in Switzerland, so while on holiday there, we made a detour, hoping on a wonderful photo opportunity. Unfortunately, all the cars had disappeared, expect one Plymouth, waiting outside to be towed away...


  1. Aw, where could those cars be? You should've gone there earlier. Anyway, you still managed to take good photos of that car, even if it's the only one left! Did you add retro effects on those photos, btw? It looks like you did! Great job! :D

    Erwin Calverley

  2. Well I only found out about this place a few weeks before we left on holiday. I tried to find out if it was still there, but didn't find any info on the internet. SO what to do.. drop by and see for myself.
    For the effect i used Hipstamtic on an iPhone 4, and am happily surprised with the result! Thanks for the comment.