Sunday, 28 August 2011

Jpeg quality in Photoshop

Here's an interesting "did you know" ... When you increase the quality setting in Photoshop, the actual image quality is decreased!. What?

Here is more info:
"What many people don’t know is that there is a quirk in the way that Photoshop defines its quality range. [...] Quality level 6 is the last point in which chroma subsampling is used. At Quality level 7 and higher, no chroma subsampling is used at all. With the amount of color information encoded now doubled, the file size would have naturally increased significantly at this level versus the previous level.
However, it is likely that Adobe decided to allocate the various quality levels with some relationship to the final compressed file size. Therefore, Adobe chose a poorer luminance and chrominance compression quality (i.e. higher level of compression) in Quality level 7 than Quality level 6! What this means is that the image quality of Quality level 7 is actually lower than Quality level 6."

I saw this at PetaPixel

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